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How many of you watch the Disney Channel?

There is no one that can do a fairy tale better than Disney.

And there is a formula to writing a great fairy tale…

  • It starts with "Once upon a time...” and that time is usually a long time ago.
  • Of course, they are make believe stories
  • The baddies are really bad and the goodies are really good
  • There are often kings, queens, princes and princesses in them
  • There is often magic in them and giants, elves, talking animals, witches or fairies
  • There is always a big problem that needs to be solved, which only get solved after a few tries
  • They have happy endings “…and they all lived happily ever after”
  • There is usually a theme to the fairy tale or a lesson to learn

Who do you think came up with that formula?

I don’t know, but I reckon the formula came up in someone’s brain because there is a lot of the formula that is found in the real world not just the make-believe world.

And that is why we can relate so well to fairy tales and learn such important lessons from them.

And we find these things in the real world because God put them there… they are echoes of God’s great story of salvation recorded in the Bible.

Now some people think the Bible is a fairy tale… a make-believe story… a story that is not really true but that we can learn important lessons from if we want to…

But I believe that the bible contains the truth about reality and from that we got the idea to make up stories with a similar plot.

And this morning I want to talk to you about the “Once upon a time… happily ever after” truth recorded on the Bible.

Which is more than just a story to listen to but truth to respond to.

Read Hebrews 9: 27 – 28

The ultimate “Once upon a time… happily ever after” story

So, verse 27 says that all people are destined to die once and after that death to face judgement (God’s judgement). What a terrible situation to be in.

But did you know that once upon a time there was no death and judgement.

Slide 1 (unpack)

How amazing… so how did it go from that to verse 27?

Slide 2 + 3 (unpack)

That is a terrible problem that needs solving. And guess what?

The same God who made us, made a plan to save us from sin, death and judgement.

He sent His Son, Christ the King to defeat sin, death and judgement for many 27 – 28(a).

Slide 4 (unpack) (Include resurrection)

And by doing that Christ defeated death (although it remains a gateway from this life to the next) to save people and let them live happily ever after forever beyond death because judgement has been eliminated.

And so, 27 – 28 Christ the King will come back again (slide 5), not to deal with sin again (He did that once) but to bring salvation, or the fulfilment of the experience of salvation for those who are waiting for Him (the idea here is eagerly waiting for Him).

Who will be eagerly waiting Him?

Slide 6 (unpack) (Challenge – are you saved? Have you chosen Jesus and salvation?)

Why talk about this at a family service?

Because it is not a fairy tale, with a lesson to learn on Disney Channel… it’s real… and your eternity depends on how you respond to what I have said.

And I would be so unloving not to tell people of all ages this truth.

Regular St Matts people… this is reality… not just a fairy tale or a religious activity… the stakes are high… we have these chairs (point to two) in this building to get as many people as possible here to hear this truth.

You can tell them outside of this building, but they also need to come here to hear the truth in context… community and Bible context.

And there are just too many empty seats here on a Sunday morning and evening not being used by people. You would think that this is just a fairy tale… as though whatever happens… everyone will live happily ever after… they wont without trusting in who Jesus is and what He has done and are saved from sin, death and judgement.

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