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Win Within the Wait

READ OUR BLOG Win Within the Wait By SHAYNE PHILANDER PUBLISHED 18 APRIL 2020 One of the most common things in the Bible is God making his people wait and making them wait on him. David waited 20 years to be crowned as king. No wonder his Psalms frequently speaks...

The Nearness of Christ

READ OUR BLOG The Nearness of Christ By SHAYNE PHILANDER PUBLISHED 15 APRIL 2020   The Bible is clear that the distance between God and mankind is not an empty one. Between them is sin. The rebellion of mankind is what separates them from God. Thus, the...

Test Results

READ OUR BLOG The Pastor and Church’s Test Results By SHAYNE PHILANDER PUBLISHED 30 MARCH 2020 As Christians find themselves inside their homes – in ‘lockdown’, one of the most valuable church components that is lost is Christian fellowship. Slowly, one realizes the...

Be More Than Just Nice

READ OUR BLOG Be More Than Just Nice By SHAYNE PHILANDER PUBLISHED 27 MARCH 2020 An imperative question that ought to be asked today. Especially during a time of uncertainty and fear is: should Christians be “Nice” to others? And if so, how nice? Meaning, should...


READ OUR BLOG Joy During Changing Circumstances By SHAYNE PHILANDER PUBLISHED 25 MARCH 2020 One of the great gifts granted after salvation is the reality of God’s divine joy in one’s life. Although attempting to describe joy is challenging since it is more a...

Exempt from Hell

READ OUR BLOG Exempt from Hell yet Exposed to Sickness and Death By SHAYNE PHILANDER PUBLISHED 24 MarCH 2020 The comforting hope for the Christian is that they are forgiven of their sin. And as a result, they now can look forward to an eternal future with God where...

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