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We would like to take the opportunity to introduce to you an outreach project we have in our community.

1. What are we doing?

We have launched a project call Dignity in Education, Dignity Ed for short,  to assist girls in some of the schools in our area with feminine hygiene products

2. Why?

Some time ago whilst listening to CCFM we heard about high school girls missing as much as a week every month from school because they do not have the finances to buy sanitary wear to use at school.
We assessed (by visiting schools and organsisations) there is an actual need in our own community and confirmed the need for assistance with this problem.

3. How?

We researched to find the best way to approach this and found a company in Durban who produces re-usable sanitary wear called SUBZ.

4. What are Subz? How can they help?

Subz come in a drawstring bag with 3 panties and 9 washable pads that attach to the panties.  They have been designed by a pharmacist and a gynecologist. There are currently over 30 000 in use in Durban and parts of Johannesburg. If used correctly one pack can last a girl for 5 years which is basically their whole high school career.
This product helps to alleviate the  impact on the environment  in underprivileged areas not least the current strain on the plumbing systems of high schools. We believe the reusable SUBZ will go a long way in combating this problem.
Many magazine publications have carried articles on this product which has been received with great enthusiasm.

5. What has been done so far.

We went to Inkwenkwezi High School in Dunoon to meet with 4 of the teachers to identify how many girls at the school were in need of help, find out the best way to help the girls and to introduce them to the Subz. 
Since our first visit we have equipped many of the girls with these packs and have  given many pks of disposible pads. The response we have received from the girls has been overwhelming and just encourages us to help them more.

6. How you can help

What we have done so far is just the tip of the ice berg

  1. You can become involved in this project by sponsoring these girls.  A pack of Subz cost R200 and that will give one girl peace of mind for 5 years high school.
    Inkwenkwezi has an intake of about 130 girls into grade 8 each year.  Our aim is to equip each of these girls with their own pack of Subz.  With your kind contribution you will be providing these girls with an uninterrupted education and empowering them with dignity
  2. Hold an 'in office' drive to collect disposable sanitary wear as we also  provide our girls with these to use in times of exams, wet weather days etc (we will gladly collect these from you)

Inkwenkwezi is our pilot project but we hope to be able to reach many other schools in our community in the near future
This project is a charity project and is being run through our church St Matthews, Jansens Rd Table view, it is completely non profit.
We look forward to your help with our project and in doing so raise the awareness of this need in our community.

Donations may be made to St Matthews Church, Standard bank Bayside 022209, Chq Acc 271222352 using the reference DignityED

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we look forward to hearing form you

kind regards

Tanya Robinson  and  Julie Antonakis  
(083 321 0264)          (072 990 3522)


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