Acts 1:8

“You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Mission to Nambia

A team from St Matthews joins the Churches for Namibia mission to Namibia each year during the June/July school holidays. The objective of the mission is to partner with local churches in sharing the gospel and training existing believers on how to be disciple making disciples. This mission usually results in changed lives by the grace of God. More information is found on their website.

For more information contact:

Ross Bartholomew
[email protected]
Muriel Bartholomew
[email protected]

Mission to George

St Matthews Church sends a team of gospel-minded people to George each year during the June/July school holidays. The purpose of this short-term mission’s trip is to work in partnership with Life Community Services by serving in their children’s holiday club. For one full week the team gets to share the gospel through various means to hundreds of children. And as a result see lives impacted for the glory of God.

For more information contact:

Shayne Philander
[email protected]

St Andrews, Atlantis

St Andrews in Atlantis was started in August 1979 with the first service being let by Bishop Frank Retief. In the early 1980’s a donation enabled the building of the current church. The first minister was Rev. Charles Aries and he served there for many years and is back as their Pastor. Currently this church falls under the oversight of St Matthews with Rev. Mike Emslie as the Rector.
Our mandate is to help this church to grow in Christ and become more fully eshtablished.

For more information contact:

Colin Retief
[email protected]

Reach, Swartland

A number of the St Matthews families have small holdings in the area just south of Malmesbury and some years ago they started a Home Group there. This has grown to include many of the laborers and other people from the community and is now a significant size group that essentially operates as a church. There is a ladies Bible study which meets once a week and the beginnings of a youth group. We look forward to what the Lord has in store for this region.

For more information contact:

Jean Kavanagh
[email protected]

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